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TreeSize Professional is effective hard disk management software
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TreeSize Professional is effective hard disk management software which is capable of providing every detail of the computer hard disk. The wonderful tool helps you to know the hard disk space occupied by the folders or drives of your PC. It displays each minute details of the selected folder or drive including its subfolder and files. It will show the size of the selected folder in KB value, MB value, GB value, allocated space of the disk in percentage, calculate the number of integrated files, shows wasted space. Arrange all the output result according to the size or by name via its Sort feature, use CD/DVD cluster option to know the CD/DVD size. One of the best included feature is that it will display size of the folders and subfolders as pie charts, bar chart or tree maps and these charts are completely editable. Furthermore, Tree Size offers search facility. You can search for big files, old, temporary, duplicate, internet files, customizable file etc. Command line option, Empty Recycle bin option, Shell Extension, NTFS support and with much more advanced functionalities, this tool serves its purpose.

Venugopal Naidu
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  • Display space occupied by the folders as a chart or map.
  • All types of file search facility and also scan cookies.
  • Command line support, Shell Extension, NTFS support .


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